Thursday, April 8, 2010

Welcome to the V-Dub Show, co-Starting Rick

Well, as much as I am a firm believer that ties belong in soccer and only soccer, today's game has a the first ever tie for POV. Vernon Wells, with his homerun number 4, and Ricky Romero with 7 innings of 5 hit baseball, surrendering only 1 run, lead the attack against the Rangers today.

Well perhaps more accurately, they were the attack. Nice to see Romero only give up 2 walks - that will be key this year, for not only him, but the entire pitching staff. Worked his way nicely out of some jams, looking much more like the a savvy veteran than young sophomore. Wells continues his assault on nay-sayers and V-Dub haters alike - this time with a clutch homerun, coming in the 9th inning, down one. Fuck. Yes. Wells.

Let explore...
Wells + clutch situation + 2009 = utter failure
Wells + clutch situation + 2010 = success
I'm sure my equations breaks some very fundamental Newtonian laws, but what the heck. V-Dub is playing some serious baseball, in the four hole, in clutch situations. 'Nuff said.

The game probably shouldn't have been as close for as long as it was - another 20 LOB, but nice to see some hits from the first 6 hitters. The last three spots are kind of turning Bermuda Triangle on us, which is where I pose the following question:

In a year when rebuilding is obviously obvious, why not change shit up when the line isn't rolling?

Snider isn't hitting in the nine hole after Buck/Molina and Gonzo? OK - he has had some sub par ABs, he isn't get a heck of a lot in that spot either. I think with the team the Jays have, Cito cannot play favorites, or play it from the book. Somethings not working lets switch it up, and fast. Probably a premature idea because it's only 3 games in, but just... well we don't have the Phillies lineup - if someone's not hitting, sit 'em down.

Speaking of sitting down, how long do I have to hold my breathe to see Ruiz? I'm starting to turn a little blue, Cito. Maybe Texas changed pitchers minutes before the game to a lefty and Cito didn't want to give Ruiz short notice on starting.

That blown save stung really bad Monday afternoon, but today's comeback win was the quick ripping off of the bandage from Monday, as that game would have represented the sweep. On the road. In a season that, well lets be honest doesn't look all that bad at this point, but could be bad, sweeps may be hard to come by.

But hey, a 2-1 start to the season with 3 solid starts from Marcum, The Weatherman, and Rick coupled with Wells' show for his pap is more than enough reason to celebrate.

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