Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Weekend Edition

As I'm just starting out, I don't really have set days when I can write, but it is more and more looking like Monday to Thursday will not be a problem, but the weekends may be condensed into a weekend edition covering Saturday and Sunday games, and sometimes including Friday.

The Comeback: Part I

This game's POG was Travis Snider, and here's why: Snider went 2 for 3 with 1 clutch RBI, 1 R, 1 BB and perhaps most importantly no strikeouts. Snider, who has not been off to a great start managed a clutch hit that tied the game, and was on base 3 times in 4 trips to the plate. While the long ball seems to be how we produce runs, getting on base is important, so for that, well done Travis.

Morrow was much as I expected. Flashes of greatness, with lots of walks. Walks piss me off - if a pitcher is getting rocked hard, fine, but when he gives up walks I have a short patience. Let your defense play behind you, and let the other team put it in play. Take out those 5 BB my Morrow, and give him 1, or maybe 2 and its a much different game. All in all, could have been worse, I'm nervously excited to see his next start.

Eveland 7 Scoreless, Molina Cashes in Two

Jose Molina was the hero of this game, and justly so is awarded his first POG award. Sharing the honour for this game is Dana Eveland. Molina had a great day at the plate going 2 for 3 with 2 huge RBIs and threw out the one potential base stealer. While Eveland put up 7.1 scoreless innings, I'm not totally sold, but there can be little to say about what may happen later down the road, as 7.1 scoreless innings is worthy of a POG anytime.

I'm definitely not going to hold my breathe until his next 7 plus innings of scoreless ball, and I still do not think he will finish the year with the team, but keep proving me wrong Dana! I'm going to be a little concerned about Eveland playing against the Red Sox, Yankees, or the Rays, but until then I'll keep it to keep it up.

The Comeback: Part II

Wow. The Blue Jays finished up the series in Baltimore with the second come from behind win today. The Jays are proving to be a team that you can never count out, and I know why. Cito said that seven hitters on the team had 20 HR potential, and so far, several people are off to a good start, and between Hill and Lind is only 1 HR. V-Dub and Gonzo have combined for 7 HR thus far, and EE (I'll refrain from E5 for a little longer) and JoBau had their first today. Teams that mash, can never be counted out, but I am still not sold the Jays are a mashing team.

My POG for today is Gonzo and McDonald.

Gonzalez today had one error that looked pretty bad until his second jack of the game tied it up at 2. Hard to not give serious consideration to a 2 HR effort, but in my opinion, McDonald had a game that was just as important. McDonald went 3 for 4 with 1 R. Okay, okay, not necessarily the most impressive of games, but lets consider that of the Jays 7 hits, 4 were HR, the other three hits were two singles and a double by J-Mac. Like I said a couple posts back, to live and die by the HR is dangerous, so nice job to J-Mac for getting on base.

Homerun = Bad?

Okay I am not naive enough to say that a HR is a bad thing. But the Jays look like they will win only when they hit HR. For example, today was 2-1 (and only because of a HR, by Gonzo), and the Jays won because of 3 more HRs. Now, if the Jays keep up this pace, they should finish the season rather well, but what happens when the Jays hitters inevitably go cold for a bit, and the HRs dry up and all of a sudden we are losing a bunch of 2-1, 2-0, 1-0 games? OK if the pitching holds up to, but I think regardless I have a point - the Jays need to have useful ABs the entire game, and I would love to see some singles and doubles.
Teams that are considered good hitting teams always hit for average and power. We do not want a team of Adam Dunn-type players who can hit their fair share of HR, but can't must up an average above .240. Case in point Rod Barajas last year. 19 HR and 71 RBI nice, but .226 AVG and .258 OBP baaaaaaaaaaaaad.

Time to Free Willy

My perscription for Cito on the flight back to Toronot tonight is to watch Free Willy. Now, substitute Ruiz for Willy.

Ahhhh, much better. Ruiz finally gets to play (yes, that's both italicized and bolded to show stress). Loverbay has played awful* this year. He has not: been hitting the ball hard, collecting walks, been getting robbed by the defense, and instead has been striking out rather pathetically, popping up in foul territory, or grounding out weakly. I'm a realist in that I know everyone has their ups and downs, and that striking out will happen - even for the best.

However, why we haven't seen Ruiz yet is baffling. This situation is getting pretty frustrating, so I'm not going to rant forever because I'll never get out of here, but all I say, is free Ruiz, sell Disney the rights to a movie, and get Loverbay to shave.

Sorry, I promise no rant on this, but Ruiz is the one Jay not to have an AB this season. Not one. Loverbay keeps going oh-for or one-for - what exactly do the Jays serve to lose by inserting Ruiz? And do not, I repeat DO NOT tell me his defense or remind me he is a LHP.

*minus two clutch hits

Home Opener Tomorrow

Okay, not really my home, but nonetheless Jays open their 2010 home schedule tomorrow. It will be The Weatherman starting tomorrow, so I'm hoping that Ruiz will play as compensation. Of course Im hoping that Tallet pitches well again, however I would be okay with a 5th inning ejection for his second beaning of Rios. Is it just me or does anyone else think Rios would be the guy to do a double-fingering of the crowd in Toronto?

Why do we hate Rios?

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  1. I hope Ruiz will be freed eventually - if not, then what's the point of even having him on the roster!

    Hopefully he actually gets and at bat tonight.