Friday, April 16, 2010

Enough is Enough

At this point, I'm not really sure who I am more upset with.

Lyle is having a pretty awful year at the plate. They aren't getting better either, and that worries me. Loverbay doesn't really seem like a bad guy. Not much to go on, but I met his brother-in-law in Seattle a couple years back, and being decked out in my Jays gear he asked if he could give us Lyle's autographed card.

I can't help but almost feel bad for Lyle, I mean, how badly does Cito want him to crash and burn? Cito cannot seriously think at this point leaving him in the game, and in the five hole is showing his fucking confidence in him. Loverbay is in a pretty foul funk right now, and whatever we can say about him, we have all seen him hit before.

But Lyle was booed today. Lyle also played the role of Buzz Killington in an eighth inning rally. 43 AB this year for Lyle, and what does he have to show for it? 3 measly hits, and an astounding 13 strikeouts. Complete strikeout list here.

It's not like Cito doesn't have another option either. Randy Ruiz, who went large today while DHing, is praying for a shot. Randy is a .300 hitter in his small MLB career, but in 4103 Minor League at bats, he has hit .300 there too.

All I'm saying is that Lyle sucking is on himself, but Cito is not helping. Cito should be protecting him. Sit him, and let him figure out whats wrong, not letting him hit five and get fucking booed. As he did with Snider, Lyle should be sat for a game - one game is all I ask.

I for one, cannot see Lyle being grateful at this point for Cito's "faith" in him. So, Cito, do Lyle, myself, and all other Jays fans, and give Lyle a rest.

So he doesn't get lonely on the bench, maybe take Jose Bautista out of the lineup with him.

Tonight's game was tough one to watch. A decent outing from Marcum, long balls from Ruiz (!!!!), Lind and Wells, some hits from Gonzo, and a bunch of strikeouts from the rest. Player of the Game was Wells for going 3 for 4.

I really hope that Cito is the second person to ever read this blog, and goes with my lineup for tomorrow against the lefty Saunders.

1. Lewis
2. Gonzo
3. Lind
4. V-Dub
5. Ruiz
6. Snider
7. EE
8. Molina
9. McCoy

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