Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Weekend Edition

Starting with Sunday's game and going back to cover Friday's game.

Frasor's Steve Irwin Impression

Morrow was pretty good again today. Would have been a great outing if not for one glaring issue - walks. The thing about walks is they are like shots of tequila, not every one is going to ruin your day, but one at the wrong time will leave you fucked.

Okay, so two runs over 6 innings isn't that bad, and perhaps the Jays could have gotten around to scoring some runs, but even if the Jays had managed a homerun, Frasor got absolutely killed by the Rays (get it? too soon, or is that okay?). Frasor has a very disappointing ERA at this time, a whopping 9.35 after allowing 4 runs in 0.2 innings pitched.

The Jays at the plate failed to do much better than Frasor. This offense can at times be like watching paint dry and today was one of those days.

Which was weird, because Loverbay was on the pine.

As for player of the game... Morrow? I guess?

Slick Rick Still Slick

Ricky Romero, our POG for Satuday's game had another gem ruined by the Jays batter and bullpen. Downs (WTF?) and Janssen got knocked around, and have been assigned bitch duty to Romero for a week.

Hitters did bup-kiss again. Loverbay homerun, but I'm not sure I really care that much.

Welcome Back Aaron Hill!

Aaron Hill hit his first longball of the season on his first game back from a DL stint. Brett Cecil made his 2010 debut and had a pretty solid outing if not for one pitch in the seventh that Kapler took deep for 2 runs. God damn Dave Kapler of all people. I mean, all the people in the lineup that are awesome and he's the one to do it. Damn.

The bullpen decided to play "blow-the-lead," their favorite game this series, but thankfully Frasor only gave up one. Kevin "Gustavo Chacin" Gregg bailed him out, and after all the hate for Gregg, he gets my kudos.

However, my player of the game is Brett Cecil. 6.2 innings with 4 ER is not really good, but his 8 punchouts and 1 walk is terrific. And I'm giving him the mulligan of the Kapler HR, so his line actually reads 6.2, 2 ER, 8 K, and 1 BB. Well done Bretty Boy!

This Just In.. A-Roid Proves His Douchebagery Again

Don't know if anyone else saw the little happening between Dallas Braden (Oakland SP) and A-Roid. A-Roid walked across the mound after making an out, and Braden took exception.

It's no rule, so I guess A-Roid can fall back on that, but it's called being a professional, and a good sport. I mean, that little trick he pulled on Howie Clark a couple years back isn't technically illegal, but why doesn't anyone else do it? Cause it's a greaseball play.

So, for that Mr. Dallas, you receive a shout out from The View. Congratulations.

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