Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Slick Rick One Hits The White Sox

Slick Rick dominated White Sox hitters today. While he did seem to tire a bit towards the end of his start, he coasted through the White Sox lineup. For his performance this day, Ricky gets his second Player of the Game award. OK yes it stung a bit as Rios had the one hit (and a 2 run HR!), but seriously, who gives a fuck? Romero dominated the White Sox today. I'm not sure how the White Sox will sleep tonight, nightmares I'm betting.

Nice to see some runs that were not a result of the longball. EE is getting better by the game, as is Buck. Still not expecting too much from either, but I think EE could be an offensively solid third basemen.

Also, nice to see Gregg come in and handle the job quite nicely. Cito at least is one for three in knowing when to let a player "sit one out."

Be nice to see no-no not-not said until a hit has been given up Tabler and Martinez. That's twice this year.

Enough is enough. Sit Snider and Overbay for one game. All players need to be benched every once in awhile. Snider will not slide into a stupor - he will admit he's matured. In the Bigs, you don't perform, you don't play. Same with Overbay. Nice hit today, but you haven't exactly earned your ABs lately.

Ricky was interviewed immediately after the game on XM Radio. He seems like a great guy. He said things were pretty laid back in the dugout, but after his hit was given up he looked pretty pissed off. In the interview he took complete blame for serving one up to Rios.

Turning back time, Ricky would have opened the Home Opener, but Morrow is ready to show off his stuff for Torontonians (is that right Torontonians?) tomorrow for the series win, and may I point out third straight series win?

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