Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Morrow Dominates, JoBau Hits

Today's POG awards are split between Brandon Morrow and Jose Bautista. Morrow went 7 strong allowing only 1 ER with 8 SO. Almost makes one forget about the two not-so-good starts he had, but after a quick look at his ERA those games come flooding back (7.31). Whatever Bruce Walton told Morrow to do seemingly worked as Morrow looked good.

Jose Bautista, our bench-converted starting outfielder-converted lead-off hitter- converted third basemen-converted 6 hitter had a heck of game today. 2 for 4, with 2 HR, 5 RBI, 2 R and 1 BB is nothing to scoff at, but despite not striking out once, he still had a 5 LOB to lead the team in that department.

While his high LOB was enough to consider not sharing the POG honours with Morrow, I'm feeling nice today.

Eveland goes again this afternoon. I don't know whether to insert a cynical comment or praise here... not yet anyways.

Blue Jays Lids are the Talk of the Town

Apparently Blue Jays New Era Caps are all the scourge of fashionable cities like the Big Apple and even outsell Mets (no way!) hats in some areas.

Well I suppose if we can't have a winning team we can have selling caps, but right now we have both!

I unfortunately do not have the link to this article from the Globe & Mail, but I'm very sure it was from that. It was in their British Columbia version that was in real print, not internet.


Also, I can neither confirm or deny these numbers, but apparently at least 50% of Jays hats being sold are having their stickers left on by wanna-be gangsters, skaters, and general bad-ass people, and even more rare, 60%% of Jays hats sold do not get a curve put on them.

Experts are suggesting peeling stickers on all hats you see (even if you do not buy them).

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