Sunday, April 11, 2010

How To Get More People to the Ballpark? Don't Ever Air These

While we have not had great ball teams in the past couple years, we have always had one thing to help our cause - good ads. Does anyone remember the Frank Thomas commercial a couple years ago? The Roy Halladay one? (Note: my extensive resources of YouTube could not find these videos, but we all remember Frank cracking a kid with a pillow for a homerun? Or Doc knocking the beehive over? Or V-Dub making a catch? But attached is a link for your convenience to YouTube. You're welcome)

However, this year's ad campaign to get people to the ballpark is an utter failure. Men in costumes, they aren't funny, and they make the Jays seem desperate for attendance. Remember when Hillenbrand said "this (the Jays) are a sinking ship?" To me these commercials say "would you come if we give you free peanuts (I actually thought the end of the commercial would say they were), free foam feet (WTF?!) or hot dogs? Or what about if we let you play an inning?"While the Blue Jays team is rebuilding, perhaps the ad people are in the process of rebuilding as well.

But don't take my word for it.


Hot Dogs.

Foam Feet.

I know we have all been waiting for the player of the games from the last two games and today's game, and they will be posted later today.

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