Tuesday, April 6, 2010


A few months ago I would not have been able to tell you what exactly a blog was. Today I sit at my computer chair ready to admit to anyone that will listen that I am an addict. What started out as a accident, has turned into part of my daily routine.

I cannot get enough of baseball, and in particular, the Toronto Blue Jays. After searching the internet for anything and everything Jays, I found a gold mine of blog sites devoted to baseball, and my beloved Blue Jays. Hallelujah.

After a few months of reading I realized that any fool and his computer can start a blog, so here I am (jokes). I am the new guy in the Blue Jays blogosphere, and being new I am hoping just not to get beat up on my first day of school.

I have basically run out of people to talk Blue Jays baseball with, so I am hoping that by opening this blog I can bat around ideas and opinion to the real experts out there - yes, you, the fellow baseball blogger. I hope to present new posts every couple days, and hopefully with a west coast spin, should there be such a thing.

While I cannot attend a Jays game at Rogers Center whenever I like, I have the privilege of having every game (OK most) being an afternoon game - which is perfect as first pitch is the same time as end of work/beer time. I guess there is no "home team" in British Columbia. Many flock into Mariner's Nation, and rather sickly many join the Evil Empire, or Red Sox Nation without really knowing why. My calling has always, and will forever be, to Canada's team. My passion for this team is only equaled by my hate for the Red Sox and Yankees.

Happy readings! And most importantly, go Jays!

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