Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Home Opener and O-Dog

While, not quite the game I was hoping for.

Obviously exam period coincides with the start of the 2010 season. This means I have to prioritize and school rarely wins. The Jays lost their 2010 Home Opener 8 to 7. I hate to be too cliche but in a game where so much of each was seen, let's look at the good the bad and the ugly - though not necessarily in that order, let's leave the best until last.

The Ugly

Frasor blew his second game of the season. I don't really know what to say here other than some people, who are good pitchers, simply cannot handle the ninth inning. Frasor is starting to look that way. I know it's early, but even in the games he has saved he hasn't exactly looked dominating. Kevin Gregg, who if you ask me does a very very good Gustavo Chacin impersonation, should close (at least for now). I mean, he's white, but he got the goggles, he's got a funky delivery, and he's not exactly prince charming in the looks department. Maybe if we name Gregg the closer, but still let Frasor close the odd game he can perform again.

Loverbay. As a friend pointed out, is now 7 games into this season and he has an average well below the speed pitchers throw at. You know what? I don't even care that he did get 2 BB and scored a run. He looks completely out to lunch in the batters box. I swear he decides whether to swing or take before the pitcher has even received his signs. Like, honestly a good AB for him is making contact and sending the ball foul. Time for a seat Lyle, let Ruiz play.

The Bad

Brian Tallet. Well, yeah, I suppose the Weatherman did weather. I mean he never had to get mid-inning? And that's why he's there, right? A friend pointed out that Tallet does have good starts (like his first game) but they get washed away by the next 5 brutal starts. I mean, Jake Peavy gave up 7 ER in 5.2 - all Tallet had to do was give up like 4 in 6 IP and it would have been that much better. Oh well.

The national anthem singers were different. I swear they had a girl singing in there, however I'm still analyzing tape to locate her - I'll keep you posted.

Jamie Campbell asked Cito "if the Jays win 90 games this year, would you consider coming back?" Typical Campbell.

The Good

Lind had a good game relatively speaking. Three strikeout's isn't good, but 2 for 5 with 3 RBI a BB and a run is good. So for that performance, Lind earns his first POG award (which, yes, is much nicer than the Edgar Martinez or Silver Slugger award he received yesterday).

I SAW RANDY RUIZ BAT! I SWEAR IT! More rare than a Big Foot sighting, fans were treated to a Randy Ruiz at bat, and that my friend, is a good thing. I know I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm going to hope/pray/believe/beg/ask any god, spirit, or supreme being, that Randy Ruiz will be hitting 6 spot today.

Buck Martinez was back. Thank baby Jesus.

A Couple Bones To Pick

AJ Pierzynski is a douchebag. Tabler said on air that teammates love him, and the opposition hates him, while then I think that his teammates are douchebags too, and since Rios is a teammate, my point seems to be proven. Did anyone see him try to catch a foul pop-up that drifted in the the left side of the net behind homeplate? Some kid was nice enough to move out of his way, to let him try to catch it, and then went to pick up the ball after the catch was no-catch, and AJ fucking Pierzynski scooped it up, and tossed it higher into the stands. What a mother-fucking douchebag.

Orlando "O-Dog" (or possibly O-Dawg?) Hudson, a ex-Jay second baseman and crowd favorite came out, well kind of, with a bold statement the other day. It is here. Now, O-Dog/Dawg who I quite like, said this:

"You see guys like Jermaine Dye without a job. Guy with (27 home runs and 81 RBI) and can't get a job. Pretty much sums it up right there, no? ... A guy like Gary Sheffield, a first-ballot Hall of Famer, can't get a job. ... We both know what it is. ... I'm not gonna say it because then I'll be in (trouble)."

So Jermaine Dye is without a job because he isn't white - not because he's turned down like 3 or 4 contracts because he wants more money?

And Sheffield should totally be playing, but because he's black he can't. Nothing to do with his stats from the past two years. For an aging player, who can't really play defense anywhere yet isn't a good enough hitter to DH, and because he will be a Hall of Famer somehow thinks he deserves some outrageous sum of money, I'm really not surprised he didn't get a contract.

On Power Ally on XM Radio, with Kevin Kennedy and some other guy, they also pointed out Matsui (not white) signed for $5 million and is the World Series MVP. Johnny Damon (white and first nations I believe) signed for $8 million (1/2 of what he made last year). Hank Blalock signed with Tampa and is on minor league assignment - something I don't see Dye or Sheffield doing. I don't even like those talk show guys! They are way too Red Sox (Lester and Cameron guest appear on their shows alternating Mondays). Nonetheless, good points.

Anyways, O-Dog, I don't think you have much of a case... and anyways, you got a job, didn't you?

Our real #2 pitcher, Ricky Romero chucks tonight. Let's get back on a winning streak, hopefully, we are graced with a Ruiz start and a Overbay benching.

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