Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Playing Catch-Up

Assuming that later is better than never, let's get current with the Jays.

First of all, getting back to the season opener on Monday. Short and sweet here, as I'm sure no one even remembers who blew what game in what inning after a gem by Marcum. However, I would like to announce the first ever winner of The View's Player of the Game award to Shaun Marcum. Marcum, in case you didn't know, made his first MLB appearance since 2008, pitched an awesome game. Honorable mentions were Vernon Wells and Adam Lind, but lets not steal Marcum's thunder. Congratulations to Marcum!

On to today's game. The first four innings had to be watched via MLB Gameday in class, so I don't have too much to say about those innings. Of course, our cleanup hitter is our POG, after going 2 for 3 with a walk, and belting not one, but two homers, for 3 RBI. I know it's only 2 whole games into the season, but here's some thoughts thus far:

Wells is awesome! So far so good, and of course nobody but me saw this coming. I pulled off a pre-season move sending Johnny Damon for V-Dub, which I thought was a fleecing, but that could still turn around to bite me in the ass. In the broadcast today, someone mentioned Wells is one of the best April hitters in baseball since 2006 or something. So... I'm still happy, but will try to keep it in my pants.

Loverbay's 'Stache
Loverbay has got to shave. Youkilis can pull off the "walrus" facial hair (as dubbed by V-Mart), but only because he is a complete douchebag. I won't say too much on Loverbay's bad ABs because it's early and we all know he will pick it up (right?!).

Gonzo's the New Scutaro
Gonzo is, as much as I hate to admit it this early, growing on me. I know he's on pace for 81 HR, although I doubt he can keep up that rate, but his defense is looking nice, as expected, but a friend pointed out he's in much of the same situation as Scutaro a couple years back. Scutaro had a pretty solid year last year, but let's just say I hope Gonzo keeps getting on base and leave it at that.

Why Hit Singles When I Can Hit Home Runs?
Lots of homeruns and strikeouts for the hitters. So far, the Blue Jays seem inept in playing small ball. I know it's been a short sample, and small ball is very circumstantial way to play, the Jays seem like they will score runs via the long ball, or not at all. While JoBau would seem to be the exclamation mark on that statement, his two walks were nice to see today. For those that will point out the 10 walks tonight is evidence that getting on base is not a problem, I will direct your attention to the 23 LOB. BB is one way to get one base, but hits score 'em. 5 hits, 3 HR, and 2 doubles. And of course, we all know, you live and die by the long ball.

The Weather Man
Tip o' the hat to Tallet, but I'm still not sold on the starter Tallet. Tallet had good games last year, he also had more baaaaad games. But I suppose in this massive sample, Tallet has weathered the storm, which is why he's our #2, so he's doing his job, so we should be happy... I think.

I will not make base running errors.
I will not make base running errors.
I will not make base running errors.
I will not make base running errors.
Just when things were looking up for Snider, he gets caught a little too far off second base for a FC by Hill. I could see that being reasons for a benching from Cito, I guess we will see. I think Cito has to remember this is a learning year, and everyone's going to take their bumps, as do the fans.

(I know this post is getting long, don't fall asleep yet)

Quint-Inning Baseball Game
For those of you like me, always craving more baseball, check this out. It's a lot of fun whether you play for money, drinks, or bragging rights. It works with two people, but is best with 4+. A rule change I like is -1 for grounding into a double play (don't pick Overbay if you use this rule).

That's it, that's all.

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