Thursday, April 22, 2010

One Man's Misfortune...

While we here at The View would never wish ill upon anyone, we certainly would not for a Blue Jays. So, Tallet, we wish in all sincerity a speedy recovery, so you can rightfully claim what is yours: the bullpen long relief spot.

We know you like to start, but seeing as that isn't your strong point, if you do long relief, it'll be like starting except you won't have to "weather" through 6 inning of 6 run baseball - Cito can instead pull you before you fall apart!

And of course, one man's misfortune leads to opportunity for someone else. Bretty Cecil has been called up and will start Friday in Tampa. For the 51s in Las Vegas, Cecil was 2-0 with a 2.45 ERA, a 1.36 WHIP and 11 K in 11 innings. Obviously, we are all looking forward to Friday's game.

Another reason to get excited for Friday's game is a certain second basemen will start. Hill will make his return after missing time on the DL because of a hamstring. I don't think anyone will suggest anything other than Aaron will have a dramatic impact on the Jays offense.

Good News For Years To Come

Our AAA team, the Las Vegas 51s is full of players that are borderline Major League players, and that being the case they look like that video game team you used to stack.

Their stats are here, and I urge you to take a look, and get pumped up for future times!

Win Eludes Marcum, Again

Marcum surrendered a 3-run bomb in the first inning to Jose Guillen, and then settled in nicely to put up donuts for the next 6 innings. However, the Jays offense can be very selective of when they actually want to try (with the exception of Loverbay) and decided yesterday not to try until the 4th and 8th inning.

The Jays are managing to win more than they lose right now, and I still will say its only because of the homeruns. For example, yesterday's game they Jays got 4 measly hits along with 12 strikeouts.

My POG, once again, is Shaun Marcum. While he has had better outings, it was by no means bad, and when the offense wants to fuck it as badly as they did, what else can he do? Suggest a move to the NL so he can hit as well?

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