Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We Will Feel Better About This One In The 'Morrow

Morrow threw BP today for the White Sox. His line was 4 IP, 7 ER, 3 K, 1 BB, and 8 hits - 2 of which were homeruns. Marco quoted saying "at least he only walked one, I guess."

The Jays have seemingly made it their mission to show everyone that Andruw Jones is still a good MLB hitter.

Finally Randy Ruiz gets a start, nice to see him break up the no-no bid, and swipe a base. I don't care how out of reach the game is, good for Ruiz taking advantage of the defense. As for player of the game, the award goes to Randy Ruiz for playing OK and not totally sucking shit like every other player on the Jays this night.

Anyone else see the fly out to RF in Ruiz's third AB? I can't hold my breathe that long! Let's hope he gets some serious ABs so we can see what he can do.

I have an issue with something Tabler or Martinez said today. One of them pointed out that Lyle ran hard to beat out a double play in yesterday's game, and that, as Cito told him, is a way to earn respect and allows him to stay in the lineup despite being off to a "slow" start at the plate.

You know what? Fuck his hustle. I am not willing to seriously listen to anyone that is going to tell me his defense and Charlie Hustle enthusiasm is reason enough for him to start ball games at the moment. At the very least he needs a night off. Maybe at shortstop or catcher a player can get away with being solid defensively and hustling over hitting, but first base? Defensive retards play first base. People with "eating disorders" play first base.

Early still? Yes. But He is not getting better by the AB here. Every AB is useless, and even if he works the count a little, he swings a loops a little dinky thing to first base, or strikes out.

I fear that today's game may happen all too often this year. Not to the extent of course, I expect the pitching to hold the bleeding to a slight gush, but when Gonzo and Buck have cooled down (which is looks like they have), the Jays have Lind and Hill (when he's back) as "scary" hitters. I mean Wells too hopefully, and maybe Ruiz. The Jays lineup seems to have HR potential, but show me some average outside of Wells, Hill, and Lind.

More and more it looks like JoBau will not cut it as lead-off, but I guess we don't really have anyone else.

Yes I did this before the game was over. It is a shitty game, I'm in exam period and I have studying that isn't a complete waste of time.

In the 'morrow is Eveland against Garcia, see you then.

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