Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eveland Sets New Record

Tonight Eveland set a new Jays record for longest shutout streak for a new Jays pitcher. For that, and for proving me wrong once again, Eveland gets the Player of the Game award.

Gonzo almost made the POG a push between the two, but to be honest I was pretty impressed with Eveland tonight. If he can keep locating maybe he will stick around with the team and be a successful pitcher. Then again maybe not.

Gonzalez is taking full advantage hitting in front of Lind and V-Dub while Hill is out. Of course it would be foolish to think that he will hit like this for the year, even though Tabler and Martinez seem to think so. Does anyone else have trouble sleeping at night because of Hill hamstring? Pray to whoever you pray to that it ain't all that bad.

Snider also had a good game, nice to see. His homerun was obviously sweet, but so was his diving catch. Do I smell a Gold Glove?

Lyle Overbay Stays Out Of The Sun Under His Sombrero, Of The Golden Variety

Cito is very much like a father to Jays fans. While we may kick and scream at some of his decisions, at the end of the day we have unconditional love for him. Even if we don't want to love him, we have to. Right? That being said, Cito is making it hard for even the truest of Cito fans out there by leaving Lyle in the lineup again.

Lyle got the Golden Sombrero today, and unfortunately for him that is by far his biggest accomplishment this year. Ruiz didn't save the Jays from a whoppin' Wednesday, but he did a shit tonne more than Lyle! Cito, please, please, please, give Lyle a seat. I mean, you put him on any other team and he's benched by now! At least put him lower in the lineup. I mean, come on!

And speaking of the lineup, what the fuck is up with T-Snides hitting behind fucking Jeremy fucking Reed?! Jesus!

MLBTR on Loverbay and New Blue Jay

MLBTR has this discussion on Lyle, and it basically points out that those that did want him, already found people, and those that may, also have the option of Carlos Delgado. However, they fail to mention that what Lyle was worth is no more.

Lastly, the Jays traded for Fred Lewis today. Really don't see this being much of an impact move. In one full season he didn't do much, his stats are here.

The only thing I could say about Lewis, is that maybe the brass think he could lead off? He seems to basically spell Jeremy Reed.

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