Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Edition

Jays Hitters Waste Another Romero Masterpiece

Romero went 8 giving up only 1 earned run. However the Jays only mustered up 4 hits. Ricky, you get the Player of the Game award this day, and I hope this is the only time you surrender one run and still take a "L."

What the fuck is happening to our bullpen? This was supposed to be the anchor of a young team! Downs today even? Jesus, please don't tell me that out bullpen sucks. That was the one thing we have going for us as a unit. Hitting, defense, and rotation have all taken their knocks, but the bullpen is supposed to be good, scratch that, great! Fuck!

Friday Features Tallet

Well, I had a History of India exam, and well usually Saturday exams are lots of fun, it meant I missed the game.

The boxscore tells me that Tallet sucked, and the hitters didn't muster up much of a showing against Saunders. For this reason, if anyone reads this blog and did watch Friday's game, leave your Player of the Game in the comments with your reasoning.

I think I would be more accepting of Tallet in the rotation if someone in management simply said "he's our best option at this point, everyone else we want to be in AAA," instead we are told he's their for his ability to weather the storm.

Perhaps attendence is low because guys like Tallet who repeatedly prove why they shouldn't be in the rotation, are.

Baseball dead in Toronto?

No. I'm not even in Toronto, but I agree wtih Paul Beeston's comments that there is no reason for concern. Professional baseball, is in its purest form, simply a product. For a product to be on the market, it must sell, to sell it must be a good product. Blue Jays baseball is firstly not expected to do much this year, and two, is in the process of rebuilding.

The Drunk Jays Fans have perhaps one of my favorite articles they've authored to date here, and addresses those that say baseball is no longer important in Toronto.

The Globe and Mail has this article saying that baseball is either dead or dying.

Put together a winning team, and the fans will come back. To steal from the Drunk Jays Fans, the Chicago Blackhawks are the perfect comparison.

I know it's still a ways away, but a future lineup that has the likes of Marcum, Romero, McGowan, Rzep, Morrow, Cecil, and Mills (to name but a few pitchers), and Lind, Hill, Wells, Wallace, D'Arnaud and Adieny, what isn't there to get excited about?

I, for one, am giddy just thinking about it.

Lastly . . .

The Loverbay weekend watch:

Still in the lineup and over the course of Saturday and Sunday's games went 1/8 with 1 RBI and 2 KO. A solid weekend for Overbay, his average has gone up after that awe-inspiring performance.

Season stats: 50 AB .084 AVG, but he still hustles!

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