Monday, April 26, 2010

Eveland Comes Back To Reality With A Crash

Dana Eveland lived up, er, down to our expectations tonight and showed us that, no, his sparkling ERA would not last. 7 ER over 3 innings will not do it.

We lost to my least favorite, no, most despised team in the league, but there are some pluses we can take out of this!

The Jays had 16 hits, and half were singles. My god, I have never been so happy to see the singles coming! I mean, yes, it was a game that also saw 8 extra base hits, but what the hay, we lost, but we hit. Also, Lyle Overbay gets his first POG award for finally having a good game! 3 for 5, with 2 runs, 4 RBI, and perhaps more importantly only 1 strikout. Yay.

Now, the bad.

One could read and deduct that if we got 16 hits, 8 for extra bases, and lost, the bad must be the pitching. Well, yes you are correct, but let's look for something shinny in this steaming pile of crap!

There's one! There's another!

Downs had a solid outing! 1 inning, 2 strikeouts, and zeroes across everything else.

Kevin "Chacin" Gregg had another solid outing. To this point and date, including today which cancels out Camp, Gregg has hands down been the best reliever thus far. Imagine that mid-offseason.

Jeff Blair Has Never Heard of You

Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail had an article about Jays hats being a top 3 seller in New York that I posted on a couple days back. Now I know that there is one reader because they asked if it was true.

Well, not I was not lying, and found it after looking a little harder. It was hiding here.

Well, Mr. Blair, here are my issues:

Are you going to seriously tell me that the Blue Jays have a "no-name roster?" Even if you are going to tell me V-Dub sucks, everyone has heard of his 3 years of JD Drewness. Aaron Hill and Adam Lind, who are Silver Slugger winners are not no-namers. What ever team you cheer for, if you are even a baseball fan, would welcome those two. So, no-name? No.

"Marketers are aware of the importance of “hook-ups” - matching the colours of one piece of sportswear with another." Holy fucking shit, whoever thought to match the colours of the things you are wearing? No more pick shirts and yellow pants with my Jays lid, I'm going to hook-up!

“The phenomenon of hook-ups is very much in play in Canada,” Blair says. So, matching the colours of what you are wearing is a phenomenon now?


Find something real to write on, sport or fashion, preferably fashion.

Monday Morning Thoughts

Some things to ponder this Monday morning.

Blue Jays Offensive Ranking.

AB.... 13th (638)
H..... 26th (148)
D..... 1st (52)
HR.... 1st (26)
RBI... 18th (78)
AVG... 28th (.223)
OBP... 29th (.297)
SLG... 12th (.429)
SO.... 1st (166)

Blue Jays Pitching Rankings

ERA... 17th (4.31)
W..... 14th (10)
SV.... 2nd (8)
SVO... 3rd (11)
H..... 20th (153)
SO.... 8th (138)
BB.... 19th (61)
IP.... 10th (171.1)


While our pitching has been up and down at certain times, the overall success of our pitching staff has been solid, at least average-above average in baseball.

Hitting however, well there are two things we very clearly excel at - striking out, and hitting extra base hits, sans triples.

Here's to hoping we can see some singles tonight against Beckett and the 8-11 Red Sox.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Weekend Edition

Starting with Sunday's game and going back to cover Friday's game.

Frasor's Steve Irwin Impression

Morrow was pretty good again today. Would have been a great outing if not for one glaring issue - walks. The thing about walks is they are like shots of tequila, not every one is going to ruin your day, but one at the wrong time will leave you fucked.

Okay, so two runs over 6 innings isn't that bad, and perhaps the Jays could have gotten around to scoring some runs, but even if the Jays had managed a homerun, Frasor got absolutely killed by the Rays (get it? too soon, or is that okay?). Frasor has a very disappointing ERA at this time, a whopping 9.35 after allowing 4 runs in 0.2 innings pitched.

The Jays at the plate failed to do much better than Frasor. This offense can at times be like watching paint dry and today was one of those days.

Which was weird, because Loverbay was on the pine.

As for player of the game... Morrow? I guess?

Slick Rick Still Slick

Ricky Romero, our POG for Satuday's game had another gem ruined by the Jays batter and bullpen. Downs (WTF?) and Janssen got knocked around, and have been assigned bitch duty to Romero for a week.

Hitters did bup-kiss again. Loverbay homerun, but I'm not sure I really care that much.

Welcome Back Aaron Hill!

Aaron Hill hit his first longball of the season on his first game back from a DL stint. Brett Cecil made his 2010 debut and had a pretty solid outing if not for one pitch in the seventh that Kapler took deep for 2 runs. God damn Dave Kapler of all people. I mean, all the people in the lineup that are awesome and he's the one to do it. Damn.

The bullpen decided to play "blow-the-lead," their favorite game this series, but thankfully Frasor only gave up one. Kevin "Gustavo Chacin" Gregg bailed him out, and after all the hate for Gregg, he gets my kudos.

However, my player of the game is Brett Cecil. 6.2 innings with 4 ER is not really good, but his 8 punchouts and 1 walk is terrific. And I'm giving him the mulligan of the Kapler HR, so his line actually reads 6.2, 2 ER, 8 K, and 1 BB. Well done Bretty Boy!

This Just In.. A-Roid Proves His Douchebagery Again

Don't know if anyone else saw the little happening between Dallas Braden (Oakland SP) and A-Roid. A-Roid walked across the mound after making an out, and Braden took exception.

It's no rule, so I guess A-Roid can fall back on that, but it's called being a professional, and a good sport. I mean, that little trick he pulled on Howie Clark a couple years back isn't technically illegal, but why doesn't anyone else do it? Cause it's a greaseball play.

So, for that Mr. Dallas, you receive a shout out from The View. Congratulations.

Saturday, April 24, 2010



Loverbay just hit a homerun.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cito Wants YOU!

Apparently Cito has recently appealed for help from the general public on where to hit Lyle Overbay.

When Cito was asked about if he should give Lyle a night off, or move him in the lineup he replied:

"He plays, he plays. I mean, he plays until he just gives up. I don't think he's going to give up. There's some suggestion to move him up and down the lineup. Well, anybody who can tell me where I can move him, please let me know."

The answers flow in this telling quote from Cito.

Presumably, unless Loverbay swings so hard that his follow through hits himself in the head, putting him in a coma, or he has a heart attack while hustling out a double play ball, he will be in the lineup.

Okay, okay you don't want to sit him Cito, we get it. How about moving the worst hitter on the team out of the middle of the order? You know, then we don't have him playing the roll of Buzz Killington every night after Gonzalez, Wells and Lind have done their job.

The problem with this logical train of thought is that Cito is unaware of other positions to move him.

Well Cito, I can make this easier for you. Whoever suggested moving him up in the lineup is on crack, so we can cross that off the list. That leaves us with down only. See? We are making progress already!

You moved JoBau down in the lineup. I know it hurt at first, but it's for the best! I'm more of a bandaide off at once kind of guy, but if you want to just lower him in the lineup and not take him out completely, that's fine too.

Lyle has the third most at-bats on the team, and the lowest average. So if you insist on leaving him in the lineup, I'm gonna say move him down, and move him down all the way.

See Cito! All you have to do is ask! Don't be shy about it next time and wait so long!

One Man's Misfortune...

While we here at The View would never wish ill upon anyone, we certainly would not for a Blue Jays. So, Tallet, we wish in all sincerity a speedy recovery, so you can rightfully claim what is yours: the bullpen long relief spot.

We know you like to start, but seeing as that isn't your strong point, if you do long relief, it'll be like starting except you won't have to "weather" through 6 inning of 6 run baseball - Cito can instead pull you before you fall apart!

And of course, one man's misfortune leads to opportunity for someone else. Bretty Cecil has been called up and will start Friday in Tampa. For the 51s in Las Vegas, Cecil was 2-0 with a 2.45 ERA, a 1.36 WHIP and 11 K in 11 innings. Obviously, we are all looking forward to Friday's game.

Another reason to get excited for Friday's game is a certain second basemen will start. Hill will make his return after missing time on the DL because of a hamstring. I don't think anyone will suggest anything other than Aaron will have a dramatic impact on the Jays offense.

Good News For Years To Come

Our AAA team, the Las Vegas 51s is full of players that are borderline Major League players, and that being the case they look like that video game team you used to stack.

Their stats are here, and I urge you to take a look, and get pumped up for future times!

Win Eludes Marcum, Again

Marcum surrendered a 3-run bomb in the first inning to Jose Guillen, and then settled in nicely to put up donuts for the next 6 innings. However, the Jays offense can be very selective of when they actually want to try (with the exception of Loverbay) and decided yesterday not to try until the 4th and 8th inning.

The Jays are managing to win more than they lose right now, and I still will say its only because of the homeruns. For example, yesterday's game they Jays got 4 measly hits along with 12 strikeouts.

My POG, once again, is Shaun Marcum. While he has had better outings, it was by no means bad, and when the offense wants to fuck it as badly as they did, what else can he do? Suggest a move to the NL so he can hit as well?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

V-Dub Continues to Rake

Vernon Wells is hands down the POG for Tuesday's game. 3 for 4 with 2 R and 1 RBI. Oh yeah, did I mention his seventh home run? V-Dub is living proof that indeed three years can be forgotten in 15 games into a season.

15 games and they Jays are 9-6. Eveland got a ND and pitched not very well. For Eveland to be successful he has to be ahead of pitchers, and while only issuing 2 BB, he wasn't exactly pitching to strong hitters. That outing from Eveland could have gone very different against the Rays or Yankees.

Today's early morning game has a pair of aces in Marcum and Grienke, but things are not looking good early for the Jays. The Royals have put 3 runs on the board early courtesy of Jose Guillen and a fastball from Marcum.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Morrow Dominates, JoBau Hits

Today's POG awards are split between Brandon Morrow and Jose Bautista. Morrow went 7 strong allowing only 1 ER with 8 SO. Almost makes one forget about the two not-so-good starts he had, but after a quick look at his ERA those games come flooding back (7.31). Whatever Bruce Walton told Morrow to do seemingly worked as Morrow looked good.

Jose Bautista, our bench-converted starting outfielder-converted lead-off hitter- converted third basemen-converted 6 hitter had a heck of game today. 2 for 4, with 2 HR, 5 RBI, 2 R and 1 BB is nothing to scoff at, but despite not striking out once, he still had a 5 LOB to lead the team in that department.

While his high LOB was enough to consider not sharing the POG honours with Morrow, I'm feeling nice today.

Eveland goes again this afternoon. I don't know whether to insert a cynical comment or praise here... not yet anyways.

Blue Jays Lids are the Talk of the Town

Apparently Blue Jays New Era Caps are all the scourge of fashionable cities like the Big Apple and even outsell Mets (no way!) hats in some areas.

Well I suppose if we can't have a winning team we can have selling caps, but right now we have both!

I unfortunately do not have the link to this article from the Globe & Mail, but I'm very sure it was from that. It was in their British Columbia version that was in real print, not internet.


Also, I can neither confirm or deny these numbers, but apparently at least 50% of Jays hats being sold are having their stickers left on by wanna-be gangsters, skaters, and general bad-ass people, and even more rare, 60%% of Jays hats sold do not get a curve put on them.

Experts are suggesting peeling stickers on all hats you see (even if you do not buy them).

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Edition

Jays Hitters Waste Another Romero Masterpiece

Romero went 8 giving up only 1 earned run. However the Jays only mustered up 4 hits. Ricky, you get the Player of the Game award this day, and I hope this is the only time you surrender one run and still take a "L."

What the fuck is happening to our bullpen? This was supposed to be the anchor of a young team! Downs today even? Jesus, please don't tell me that out bullpen sucks. That was the one thing we have going for us as a unit. Hitting, defense, and rotation have all taken their knocks, but the bullpen is supposed to be good, scratch that, great! Fuck!

Friday Features Tallet

Well, I had a History of India exam, and well usually Saturday exams are lots of fun, it meant I missed the game.

The boxscore tells me that Tallet sucked, and the hitters didn't muster up much of a showing against Saunders. For this reason, if anyone reads this blog and did watch Friday's game, leave your Player of the Game in the comments with your reasoning.

I think I would be more accepting of Tallet in the rotation if someone in management simply said "he's our best option at this point, everyone else we want to be in AAA," instead we are told he's their for his ability to weather the storm.

Perhaps attendence is low because guys like Tallet who repeatedly prove why they shouldn't be in the rotation, are.

Baseball dead in Toronto?

No. I'm not even in Toronto, but I agree wtih Paul Beeston's comments that there is no reason for concern. Professional baseball, is in its purest form, simply a product. For a product to be on the market, it must sell, to sell it must be a good product. Blue Jays baseball is firstly not expected to do much this year, and two, is in the process of rebuilding.

The Drunk Jays Fans have perhaps one of my favorite articles they've authored to date here, and addresses those that say baseball is no longer important in Toronto.

The Globe and Mail has this article saying that baseball is either dead or dying.

Put together a winning team, and the fans will come back. To steal from the Drunk Jays Fans, the Chicago Blackhawks are the perfect comparison.

I know it's still a ways away, but a future lineup that has the likes of Marcum, Romero, McGowan, Rzep, Morrow, Cecil, and Mills (to name but a few pitchers), and Lind, Hill, Wells, Wallace, D'Arnaud and Adieny, what isn't there to get excited about?

I, for one, am giddy just thinking about it.

Lastly . . .

The Loverbay weekend watch:

Still in the lineup and over the course of Saturday and Sunday's games went 1/8 with 1 RBI and 2 KO. A solid weekend for Overbay, his average has gone up after that awe-inspiring performance.

Season stats: 50 AB .084 AVG, but he still hustles!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Enough is Enough

At this point, I'm not really sure who I am more upset with.

Lyle is having a pretty awful year at the plate. They aren't getting better either, and that worries me. Loverbay doesn't really seem like a bad guy. Not much to go on, but I met his brother-in-law in Seattle a couple years back, and being decked out in my Jays gear he asked if he could give us Lyle's autographed card.

I can't help but almost feel bad for Lyle, I mean, how badly does Cito want him to crash and burn? Cito cannot seriously think at this point leaving him in the game, and in the five hole is showing his fucking confidence in him. Loverbay is in a pretty foul funk right now, and whatever we can say about him, we have all seen him hit before.

But Lyle was booed today. Lyle also played the role of Buzz Killington in an eighth inning rally. 43 AB this year for Lyle, and what does he have to show for it? 3 measly hits, and an astounding 13 strikeouts. Complete strikeout list here.

It's not like Cito doesn't have another option either. Randy Ruiz, who went large today while DHing, is praying for a shot. Randy is a .300 hitter in his small MLB career, but in 4103 Minor League at bats, he has hit .300 there too.

All I'm saying is that Lyle sucking is on himself, but Cito is not helping. Cito should be protecting him. Sit him, and let him figure out whats wrong, not letting him hit five and get fucking booed. As he did with Snider, Lyle should be sat for a game - one game is all I ask.

I for one, cannot see Lyle being grateful at this point for Cito's "faith" in him. So, Cito, do Lyle, myself, and all other Jays fans, and give Lyle a rest.

So he doesn't get lonely on the bench, maybe take Jose Bautista out of the lineup with him.

Tonight's game was tough one to watch. A decent outing from Marcum, long balls from Ruiz (!!!!), Lind and Wells, some hits from Gonzo, and a bunch of strikeouts from the rest. Player of the Game was Wells for going 3 for 4.

I really hope that Cito is the second person to ever read this blog, and goes with my lineup for tomorrow against the lefty Saunders.

1. Lewis
2. Gonzo
3. Lind
4. V-Dub
5. Ruiz
6. Snider
7. EE
8. Molina
9. McCoy

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eveland Sets New Record

Tonight Eveland set a new Jays record for longest shutout streak for a new Jays pitcher. For that, and for proving me wrong once again, Eveland gets the Player of the Game award.

Gonzo almost made the POG a push between the two, but to be honest I was pretty impressed with Eveland tonight. If he can keep locating maybe he will stick around with the team and be a successful pitcher. Then again maybe not.

Gonzalez is taking full advantage hitting in front of Lind and V-Dub while Hill is out. Of course it would be foolish to think that he will hit like this for the year, even though Tabler and Martinez seem to think so. Does anyone else have trouble sleeping at night because of Hill hamstring? Pray to whoever you pray to that it ain't all that bad.

Snider also had a good game, nice to see. His homerun was obviously sweet, but so was his diving catch. Do I smell a Gold Glove?

Lyle Overbay Stays Out Of The Sun Under His Sombrero, Of The Golden Variety

Cito is very much like a father to Jays fans. While we may kick and scream at some of his decisions, at the end of the day we have unconditional love for him. Even if we don't want to love him, we have to. Right? That being said, Cito is making it hard for even the truest of Cito fans out there by leaving Lyle in the lineup again.

Lyle got the Golden Sombrero today, and unfortunately for him that is by far his biggest accomplishment this year. Ruiz didn't save the Jays from a whoppin' Wednesday, but he did a shit tonne more than Lyle! Cito, please, please, please, give Lyle a seat. I mean, you put him on any other team and he's benched by now! At least put him lower in the lineup. I mean, come on!

And speaking of the lineup, what the fuck is up with T-Snides hitting behind fucking Jeremy fucking Reed?! Jesus!

MLBTR on Loverbay and New Blue Jay

MLBTR has this discussion on Lyle, and it basically points out that those that did want him, already found people, and those that may, also have the option of Carlos Delgado. However, they fail to mention that what Lyle was worth is no more.

Lastly, the Jays traded for Fred Lewis today. Really don't see this being much of an impact move. In one full season he didn't do much, his stats are here.

The only thing I could say about Lewis, is that maybe the brass think he could lead off? He seems to basically spell Jeremy Reed.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We Will Feel Better About This One In The 'Morrow

Morrow threw BP today for the White Sox. His line was 4 IP, 7 ER, 3 K, 1 BB, and 8 hits - 2 of which were homeruns. Marco quoted saying "at least he only walked one, I guess."

The Jays have seemingly made it their mission to show everyone that Andruw Jones is still a good MLB hitter.

Finally Randy Ruiz gets a start, nice to see him break up the no-no bid, and swipe a base. I don't care how out of reach the game is, good for Ruiz taking advantage of the defense. As for player of the game, the award goes to Randy Ruiz for playing OK and not totally sucking shit like every other player on the Jays this night.

Anyone else see the fly out to RF in Ruiz's third AB? I can't hold my breathe that long! Let's hope he gets some serious ABs so we can see what he can do.

I have an issue with something Tabler or Martinez said today. One of them pointed out that Lyle ran hard to beat out a double play in yesterday's game, and that, as Cito told him, is a way to earn respect and allows him to stay in the lineup despite being off to a "slow" start at the plate.

You know what? Fuck his hustle. I am not willing to seriously listen to anyone that is going to tell me his defense and Charlie Hustle enthusiasm is reason enough for him to start ball games at the moment. At the very least he needs a night off. Maybe at shortstop or catcher a player can get away with being solid defensively and hustling over hitting, but first base? Defensive retards play first base. People with "eating disorders" play first base.

Early still? Yes. But He is not getting better by the AB here. Every AB is useless, and even if he works the count a little, he swings a loops a little dinky thing to first base, or strikes out.

I fear that today's game may happen all too often this year. Not to the extent of course, I expect the pitching to hold the bleeding to a slight gush, but when Gonzo and Buck have cooled down (which is looks like they have), the Jays have Lind and Hill (when he's back) as "scary" hitters. I mean Wells too hopefully, and maybe Ruiz. The Jays lineup seems to have HR potential, but show me some average outside of Wells, Hill, and Lind.

More and more it looks like JoBau will not cut it as lead-off, but I guess we don't really have anyone else.

Yes I did this before the game was over. It is a shitty game, I'm in exam period and I have studying that isn't a complete waste of time.

In the 'morrow is Eveland against Garcia, see you then.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Slick Rick One Hits The White Sox

Slick Rick dominated White Sox hitters today. While he did seem to tire a bit towards the end of his start, he coasted through the White Sox lineup. For his performance this day, Ricky gets his second Player of the Game award. OK yes it stung a bit as Rios had the one hit (and a 2 run HR!), but seriously, who gives a fuck? Romero dominated the White Sox today. I'm not sure how the White Sox will sleep tonight, nightmares I'm betting.

Nice to see some runs that were not a result of the longball. EE is getting better by the game, as is Buck. Still not expecting too much from either, but I think EE could be an offensively solid third basemen.

Also, nice to see Gregg come in and handle the job quite nicely. Cito at least is one for three in knowing when to let a player "sit one out."

Be nice to see no-no not-not said until a hit has been given up Tabler and Martinez. That's twice this year.

Enough is enough. Sit Snider and Overbay for one game. All players need to be benched every once in awhile. Snider will not slide into a stupor - he will admit he's matured. In the Bigs, you don't perform, you don't play. Same with Overbay. Nice hit today, but you haven't exactly earned your ABs lately.

Ricky was interviewed immediately after the game on XM Radio. He seems like a great guy. He said things were pretty laid back in the dugout, but after his hit was given up he looked pretty pissed off. In the interview he took complete blame for serving one up to Rios.

Turning back time, Ricky would have opened the Home Opener, but Morrow is ready to show off his stuff for Torontonians (is that right Torontonians?) tomorrow for the series win, and may I point out third straight series win?

CBS Point of View on Lyle Obvery, 1B, TOR

Overbay, Lyle, 1B, TOR

News: From The Sports Xchange notes: 1B Lyle Overbay's struggles continued Monday. The left-handed hitter went 0-for-3, leaving him 2-for-26 (.077) on the season.

Analysis: Overbay is going to come around and be productive enough to consider at least in AL-only leagues, but obviously this stretch makes him a candidate to sit in any format right now. His days as a full-timer could be numbered. In fact, prospect Brett Wallace could take his job by June 1.

Home Opener and O-Dog

While, not quite the game I was hoping for.

Obviously exam period coincides with the start of the 2010 season. This means I have to prioritize and school rarely wins. The Jays lost their 2010 Home Opener 8 to 7. I hate to be too cliche but in a game where so much of each was seen, let's look at the good the bad and the ugly - though not necessarily in that order, let's leave the best until last.

The Ugly

Frasor blew his second game of the season. I don't really know what to say here other than some people, who are good pitchers, simply cannot handle the ninth inning. Frasor is starting to look that way. I know it's early, but even in the games he has saved he hasn't exactly looked dominating. Kevin Gregg, who if you ask me does a very very good Gustavo Chacin impersonation, should close (at least for now). I mean, he's white, but he got the goggles, he's got a funky delivery, and he's not exactly prince charming in the looks department. Maybe if we name Gregg the closer, but still let Frasor close the odd game he can perform again.

Loverbay. As a friend pointed out, is now 7 games into this season and he has an average well below the speed pitchers throw at. You know what? I don't even care that he did get 2 BB and scored a run. He looks completely out to lunch in the batters box. I swear he decides whether to swing or take before the pitcher has even received his signs. Like, honestly a good AB for him is making contact and sending the ball foul. Time for a seat Lyle, let Ruiz play.

The Bad

Brian Tallet. Well, yeah, I suppose the Weatherman did weather. I mean he never had to get mid-inning? And that's why he's there, right? A friend pointed out that Tallet does have good starts (like his first game) but they get washed away by the next 5 brutal starts. I mean, Jake Peavy gave up 7 ER in 5.2 - all Tallet had to do was give up like 4 in 6 IP and it would have been that much better. Oh well.

The national anthem singers were different. I swear they had a girl singing in there, however I'm still analyzing tape to locate her - I'll keep you posted.

Jamie Campbell asked Cito "if the Jays win 90 games this year, would you consider coming back?" Typical Campbell.

The Good

Lind had a good game relatively speaking. Three strikeout's isn't good, but 2 for 5 with 3 RBI a BB and a run is good. So for that performance, Lind earns his first POG award (which, yes, is much nicer than the Edgar Martinez or Silver Slugger award he received yesterday).

I SAW RANDY RUIZ BAT! I SWEAR IT! More rare than a Big Foot sighting, fans were treated to a Randy Ruiz at bat, and that my friend, is a good thing. I know I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm going to hope/pray/believe/beg/ask any god, spirit, or supreme being, that Randy Ruiz will be hitting 6 spot today.

Buck Martinez was back. Thank baby Jesus.

A Couple Bones To Pick

AJ Pierzynski is a douchebag. Tabler said on air that teammates love him, and the opposition hates him, while then I think that his teammates are douchebags too, and since Rios is a teammate, my point seems to be proven. Did anyone see him try to catch a foul pop-up that drifted in the the left side of the net behind homeplate? Some kid was nice enough to move out of his way, to let him try to catch it, and then went to pick up the ball after the catch was no-catch, and AJ fucking Pierzynski scooped it up, and tossed it higher into the stands. What a mother-fucking douchebag.

Orlando "O-Dog" (or possibly O-Dawg?) Hudson, a ex-Jay second baseman and crowd favorite came out, well kind of, with a bold statement the other day. It is here. Now, O-Dog/Dawg who I quite like, said this:

"You see guys like Jermaine Dye without a job. Guy with (27 home runs and 81 RBI) and can't get a job. Pretty much sums it up right there, no? ... A guy like Gary Sheffield, a first-ballot Hall of Famer, can't get a job. ... We both know what it is. ... I'm not gonna say it because then I'll be in (trouble)."

So Jermaine Dye is without a job because he isn't white - not because he's turned down like 3 or 4 contracts because he wants more money?

And Sheffield should totally be playing, but because he's black he can't. Nothing to do with his stats from the past two years. For an aging player, who can't really play defense anywhere yet isn't a good enough hitter to DH, and because he will be a Hall of Famer somehow thinks he deserves some outrageous sum of money, I'm really not surprised he didn't get a contract.

On Power Ally on XM Radio, with Kevin Kennedy and some other guy, they also pointed out Matsui (not white) signed for $5 million and is the World Series MVP. Johnny Damon (white and first nations I believe) signed for $8 million (1/2 of what he made last year). Hank Blalock signed with Tampa and is on minor league assignment - something I don't see Dye or Sheffield doing. I don't even like those talk show guys! They are way too Red Sox (Lester and Cameron guest appear on their shows alternating Mondays). Nonetheless, good points.

Anyways, O-Dog, I don't think you have much of a case... and anyways, you got a job, didn't you?

Our real #2 pitcher, Ricky Romero chucks tonight. Let's get back on a winning streak, hopefully, we are graced with a Ruiz start and a Overbay benching.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Weekend Edition

As I'm just starting out, I don't really have set days when I can write, but it is more and more looking like Monday to Thursday will not be a problem, but the weekends may be condensed into a weekend edition covering Saturday and Sunday games, and sometimes including Friday.

The Comeback: Part I

This game's POG was Travis Snider, and here's why: Snider went 2 for 3 with 1 clutch RBI, 1 R, 1 BB and perhaps most importantly no strikeouts. Snider, who has not been off to a great start managed a clutch hit that tied the game, and was on base 3 times in 4 trips to the plate. While the long ball seems to be how we produce runs, getting on base is important, so for that, well done Travis.

Morrow was much as I expected. Flashes of greatness, with lots of walks. Walks piss me off - if a pitcher is getting rocked hard, fine, but when he gives up walks I have a short patience. Let your defense play behind you, and let the other team put it in play. Take out those 5 BB my Morrow, and give him 1, or maybe 2 and its a much different game. All in all, could have been worse, I'm nervously excited to see his next start.

Eveland 7 Scoreless, Molina Cashes in Two

Jose Molina was the hero of this game, and justly so is awarded his first POG award. Sharing the honour for this game is Dana Eveland. Molina had a great day at the plate going 2 for 3 with 2 huge RBIs and threw out the one potential base stealer. While Eveland put up 7.1 scoreless innings, I'm not totally sold, but there can be little to say about what may happen later down the road, as 7.1 scoreless innings is worthy of a POG anytime.

I'm definitely not going to hold my breathe until his next 7 plus innings of scoreless ball, and I still do not think he will finish the year with the team, but keep proving me wrong Dana! I'm going to be a little concerned about Eveland playing against the Red Sox, Yankees, or the Rays, but until then I'll keep it to keep it up.

The Comeback: Part II

Wow. The Blue Jays finished up the series in Baltimore with the second come from behind win today. The Jays are proving to be a team that you can never count out, and I know why. Cito said that seven hitters on the team had 20 HR potential, and so far, several people are off to a good start, and between Hill and Lind is only 1 HR. V-Dub and Gonzo have combined for 7 HR thus far, and EE (I'll refrain from E5 for a little longer) and JoBau had their first today. Teams that mash, can never be counted out, but I am still not sold the Jays are a mashing team.

My POG for today is Gonzo and McDonald.

Gonzalez today had one error that looked pretty bad until his second jack of the game tied it up at 2. Hard to not give serious consideration to a 2 HR effort, but in my opinion, McDonald had a game that was just as important. McDonald went 3 for 4 with 1 R. Okay, okay, not necessarily the most impressive of games, but lets consider that of the Jays 7 hits, 4 were HR, the other three hits were two singles and a double by J-Mac. Like I said a couple posts back, to live and die by the HR is dangerous, so nice job to J-Mac for getting on base.

Homerun = Bad?

Okay I am not naive enough to say that a HR is a bad thing. But the Jays look like they will win only when they hit HR. For example, today was 2-1 (and only because of a HR, by Gonzo), and the Jays won because of 3 more HRs. Now, if the Jays keep up this pace, they should finish the season rather well, but what happens when the Jays hitters inevitably go cold for a bit, and the HRs dry up and all of a sudden we are losing a bunch of 2-1, 2-0, 1-0 games? OK if the pitching holds up to, but I think regardless I have a point - the Jays need to have useful ABs the entire game, and I would love to see some singles and doubles.
Teams that are considered good hitting teams always hit for average and power. We do not want a team of Adam Dunn-type players who can hit their fair share of HR, but can't must up an average above .240. Case in point Rod Barajas last year. 19 HR and 71 RBI nice, but .226 AVG and .258 OBP baaaaaaaaaaaaad.

Time to Free Willy

My perscription for Cito on the flight back to Toronot tonight is to watch Free Willy. Now, substitute Ruiz for Willy.

Ahhhh, much better. Ruiz finally gets to play (yes, that's both italicized and bolded to show stress). Loverbay has played awful* this year. He has not: been hitting the ball hard, collecting walks, been getting robbed by the defense, and instead has been striking out rather pathetically, popping up in foul territory, or grounding out weakly. I'm a realist in that I know everyone has their ups and downs, and that striking out will happen - even for the best.

However, why we haven't seen Ruiz yet is baffling. This situation is getting pretty frustrating, so I'm not going to rant forever because I'll never get out of here, but all I say, is free Ruiz, sell Disney the rights to a movie, and get Loverbay to shave.

Sorry, I promise no rant on this, but Ruiz is the one Jay not to have an AB this season. Not one. Loverbay keeps going oh-for or one-for - what exactly do the Jays serve to lose by inserting Ruiz? And do not, I repeat DO NOT tell me his defense or remind me he is a LHP.

*minus two clutch hits

Home Opener Tomorrow

Okay, not really my home, but nonetheless Jays open their 2010 home schedule tomorrow. It will be The Weatherman starting tomorrow, so I'm hoping that Ruiz will play as compensation. Of course Im hoping that Tallet pitches well again, however I would be okay with a 5th inning ejection for his second beaning of Rios. Is it just me or does anyone else think Rios would be the guy to do a double-fingering of the crowd in Toronto?

Why do we hate Rios?

How To Get More People to the Ballpark? Don't Ever Air These

While we have not had great ball teams in the past couple years, we have always had one thing to help our cause - good ads. Does anyone remember the Frank Thomas commercial a couple years ago? The Roy Halladay one? (Note: my extensive resources of YouTube could not find these videos, but we all remember Frank cracking a kid with a pillow for a homerun? Or Doc knocking the beehive over? Or V-Dub making a catch? But attached is a link for your convenience to YouTube. You're welcome)

However, this year's ad campaign to get people to the ballpark is an utter failure. Men in costumes, they aren't funny, and they make the Jays seem desperate for attendance. Remember when Hillenbrand said "this (the Jays) are a sinking ship?" To me these commercials say "would you come if we give you free peanuts (I actually thought the end of the commercial would say they were), free foam feet (WTF?!) or hot dogs? Or what about if we let you play an inning?"While the Blue Jays team is rebuilding, perhaps the ad people are in the process of rebuilding as well.

But don't take my word for it.


Hot Dogs.

Foam Feet.

I know we have all been waiting for the player of the games from the last two games and today's game, and they will be posted later today.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Welcome to the V-Dub Show, co-Starting Rick

Well, as much as I am a firm believer that ties belong in soccer and only soccer, today's game has a the first ever tie for POV. Vernon Wells, with his homerun number 4, and Ricky Romero with 7 innings of 5 hit baseball, surrendering only 1 run, lead the attack against the Rangers today.

Well perhaps more accurately, they were the attack. Nice to see Romero only give up 2 walks - that will be key this year, for not only him, but the entire pitching staff. Worked his way nicely out of some jams, looking much more like the a savvy veteran than young sophomore. Wells continues his assault on nay-sayers and V-Dub haters alike - this time with a clutch homerun, coming in the 9th inning, down one. Fuck. Yes. Wells.

Let explore...
Wells + clutch situation + 2009 = utter failure
Wells + clutch situation + 2010 = success
I'm sure my equations breaks some very fundamental Newtonian laws, but what the heck. V-Dub is playing some serious baseball, in the four hole, in clutch situations. 'Nuff said.

The game probably shouldn't have been as close for as long as it was - another 20 LOB, but nice to see some hits from the first 6 hitters. The last three spots are kind of turning Bermuda Triangle on us, which is where I pose the following question:

In a year when rebuilding is obviously obvious, why not change shit up when the line isn't rolling?

Snider isn't hitting in the nine hole after Buck/Molina and Gonzo? OK - he has had some sub par ABs, he isn't get a heck of a lot in that spot either. I think with the team the Jays have, Cito cannot play favorites, or play it from the book. Somethings not working lets switch it up, and fast. Probably a premature idea because it's only 3 games in, but just... well we don't have the Phillies lineup - if someone's not hitting, sit 'em down.

Speaking of sitting down, how long do I have to hold my breathe to see Ruiz? I'm starting to turn a little blue, Cito. Maybe Texas changed pitchers minutes before the game to a lefty and Cito didn't want to give Ruiz short notice on starting.

That blown save stung really bad Monday afternoon, but today's comeback win was the quick ripping off of the bandage from Monday, as that game would have represented the sweep. On the road. In a season that, well lets be honest doesn't look all that bad at this point, but could be bad, sweeps may be hard to come by.

But hey, a 2-1 start to the season with 3 solid starts from Marcum, The Weatherman, and Rick coupled with Wells' show for his pap is more than enough reason to celebrate.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Playing Catch-Up

Assuming that later is better than never, let's get current with the Jays.

First of all, getting back to the season opener on Monday. Short and sweet here, as I'm sure no one even remembers who blew what game in what inning after a gem by Marcum. However, I would like to announce the first ever winner of The View's Player of the Game award to Shaun Marcum. Marcum, in case you didn't know, made his first MLB appearance since 2008, pitched an awesome game. Honorable mentions were Vernon Wells and Adam Lind, but lets not steal Marcum's thunder. Congratulations to Marcum!

On to today's game. The first four innings had to be watched via MLB Gameday in class, so I don't have too much to say about those innings. Of course, our cleanup hitter is our POG, after going 2 for 3 with a walk, and belting not one, but two homers, for 3 RBI. I know it's only 2 whole games into the season, but here's some thoughts thus far:

Wells is awesome! So far so good, and of course nobody but me saw this coming. I pulled off a pre-season move sending Johnny Damon for V-Dub, which I thought was a fleecing, but that could still turn around to bite me in the ass. In the broadcast today, someone mentioned Wells is one of the best April hitters in baseball since 2006 or something. So... I'm still happy, but will try to keep it in my pants.

Loverbay's 'Stache
Loverbay has got to shave. Youkilis can pull off the "walrus" facial hair (as dubbed by V-Mart), but only because he is a complete douchebag. I won't say too much on Loverbay's bad ABs because it's early and we all know he will pick it up (right?!).

Gonzo's the New Scutaro
Gonzo is, as much as I hate to admit it this early, growing on me. I know he's on pace for 81 HR, although I doubt he can keep up that rate, but his defense is looking nice, as expected, but a friend pointed out he's in much of the same situation as Scutaro a couple years back. Scutaro had a pretty solid year last year, but let's just say I hope Gonzo keeps getting on base and leave it at that.

Why Hit Singles When I Can Hit Home Runs?
Lots of homeruns and strikeouts for the hitters. So far, the Blue Jays seem inept in playing small ball. I know it's been a short sample, and small ball is very circumstantial way to play, the Jays seem like they will score runs via the long ball, or not at all. While JoBau would seem to be the exclamation mark on that statement, his two walks were nice to see today. For those that will point out the 10 walks tonight is evidence that getting on base is not a problem, I will direct your attention to the 23 LOB. BB is one way to get one base, but hits score 'em. 5 hits, 3 HR, and 2 doubles. And of course, we all know, you live and die by the long ball.

The Weather Man
Tip o' the hat to Tallet, but I'm still not sold on the starter Tallet. Tallet had good games last year, he also had more baaaaad games. But I suppose in this massive sample, Tallet has weathered the storm, which is why he's our #2, so he's doing his job, so we should be happy... I think.

I will not make base running errors.
I will not make base running errors.
I will not make base running errors.
I will not make base running errors.
Just when things were looking up for Snider, he gets caught a little too far off second base for a FC by Hill. I could see that being reasons for a benching from Cito, I guess we will see. I think Cito has to remember this is a learning year, and everyone's going to take their bumps, as do the fans.

(I know this post is getting long, don't fall asleep yet)

Quint-Inning Baseball Game
For those of you like me, always craving more baseball, check this out. It's a lot of fun whether you play for money, drinks, or bragging rights. It works with two people, but is best with 4+. A rule change I like is -1 for grounding into a double play (don't pick Overbay if you use this rule).

That's it, that's all.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


A few months ago I would not have been able to tell you what exactly a blog was. Today I sit at my computer chair ready to admit to anyone that will listen that I am an addict. What started out as a accident, has turned into part of my daily routine.

I cannot get enough of baseball, and in particular, the Toronto Blue Jays. After searching the internet for anything and everything Jays, I found a gold mine of blog sites devoted to baseball, and my beloved Blue Jays. Hallelujah.

After a few months of reading I realized that any fool and his computer can start a blog, so here I am (jokes). I am the new guy in the Blue Jays blogosphere, and being new I am hoping just not to get beat up on my first day of school.

I have basically run out of people to talk Blue Jays baseball with, so I am hoping that by opening this blog I can bat around ideas and opinion to the real experts out there - yes, you, the fellow baseball blogger. I hope to present new posts every couple days, and hopefully with a west coast spin, should there be such a thing.

While I cannot attend a Jays game at Rogers Center whenever I like, I have the privilege of having every game (OK most) being an afternoon game - which is perfect as first pitch is the same time as end of work/beer time. I guess there is no "home team" in British Columbia. Many flock into Mariner's Nation, and rather sickly many join the Evil Empire, or Red Sox Nation without really knowing why. My calling has always, and will forever be, to Canada's team. My passion for this team is only equaled by my hate for the Red Sox and Yankees.

Happy readings! And most importantly, go Jays!

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