Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's Wrong with Adam?

As this teams recent offensive struggles have shown on this road trip, wins can be hard to find for the 2010 Jays.

Where they just a tease? Are we now seeing the real Jays?

I don't think by any means that the Jays are as bad as they have looked on this road trip. There pitchers are getting hit (but even Doc gets hit), and there streaking hitters are slowly cooling off.

Really, I could care less about the wins and losses. After all, we are supposed to be rebuilding this year! Last place happens. Thank God we have the Orioles in our division though. They make any rebuilding process look easy.

But the the hell is up with Aaron Hill and Adam Lind? Could you imagine our team when our number 2 and 3 hitter are actually hitting? When was the last time Adam Lind had a good game?

JoBau said the other day in a pregame, that AA needed to add another piece, and they would be contenders. Well, no Jose, what you need is to figure out what the fuck is up with Lind's swing.

Aaron has been showing signs of life lately, and is coming back after injury - we can all respect that.

But what does Lind have to say? Not much.

Lind is on pace to crush his KO total from 2009. 110 in 2009, and he is on pace for 162. Yikes.

It isn't only he swings and misses, he looks silly at the plate much of the time, he rarely hits the ball with authority anymore.

When Adam started the year well, V-Dub was able to tear it up after him, with Gonzo, Buck, and JoBau behind him for protection, but with the slumping Lewis, Hill and Lind in front of him he has lost any protection.

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