Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Blow A Save Once, Shame On You, Blow a Save Twice (3,4,5...), Shame On Me

Well there goes the draft picks...

The potential draft picks that we could have received for trading the AL leader in saves are seemingly disappearing faster a Brandon Morrow heater.

Gregg started amazing, turned mediocre, then to scary, and now to complete donkey-fucker. 0.2 innings in a two run game and he walks fucking FIVE BATTERS?!

If we weren't in the situation we are, I would maybe be okay with riding it out for awhile longer. But, we still find ourselves in the mix, and while I'm not saying trade for a legit closer, a move has to be made.

Use Downs. Use Frasor. Use the bat boy. Just do not use Gregg.

As I mentioned I do not think the Jays should trade to make the push that MLBTR suggested (see below article), however I am not really one to believe in rolling over. While still in the hunt, even if it's for second place in the AL East and bragging rights, the Jays have to put the best team possible out on the field right now.

This may be tough for Cito, because as we know he likes to let it ride, when dealing with veteran slumps.

As always, only time will tell. If in September we sit 3 games out of the WC, these blown saves will be re-opened wounds.

Tonight's POG is Fred Lewis for scoring three runs while going 3 for 5 with a HR.

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