Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jays Lose Series to Rays

Marcum Let Down By Hitters

Marcum pitched one hell of a game tonight, getting himself out of jam after jam. Marcum really is one of the nicer Jays pitchers to watch because he is really good (obviously), but he gets himself into the occasional jam, and busts his ass to get himself out of that jam.

For that he is my POG, despite surrendering 4 ER over 8.1.

It would have been nice to see Marcum go the distance and pick up the win, but tonight was one of those nights where the offense just couldn't really get anything going, and couldn't take Price deep.

Oh well, bring on them Yankees!

Gaston Defends His Crossing Guard

Cito Gaston defended his use of Kevin Gregg despite Gregg acting more of a school crossing guard than a MLB closer.

Cito Gaston had this to say:

I know people are giving me a lot of [grief] for leaving him out there. But if they want to come out of the stands and pitch, I'd be happy for them. Anybody wants to show up and pitch, come on.
Cito, I do understand you simply want to say you have your pitcher's back, and he's a veteran and he'll pull throw all this but... that's how you say it?!?!

Those shades and that mustache make you look like one smooth mo-fo, but I think we all agree you are no smooth-talker.

For the record, Gregg is 14 for 17 in saves - Rafael Soriano, the closer for the Rays the TV informed me today is 16 for 16, and that is one a several reasons the Rays are in first, and the Jays are not, despite having an offense scoring runs and starting pitchers who are performing excellently.

Thank you Kevin Gregg, thank you.

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