Saturday, May 8, 2010

What a Game!


Of all the games to miss because of a long Friday work day. The hockey game was on as well, but I didn't miss a damn thing there, but wow, I am really upset I missed this one!

After going over the boxscore, I was curious as to why a 2 for 3 Ruiz (with no strikeouts) was subbed out for an Adam Lind that hasn't exactly been on a tear lately, only to strike out 3 times? I know it's really easy for me to sit here and look at the boxscore and say it was dumb to sub in a guy who will strike out three times, but it's not like Ruiz wasn't hitting? I'm still a little confused on that one, did Ruiz try to catch another ball with his teeth or somethin'?

This game was absolutely filled with solid performances, Buck, Marcum, Gonzalez, Downs, Snider and even Wells.

Some not so stunning performances by Hill, Lind and Gregg.

So for our player of the game we have a slight problem. Marcum is deserved, but it would not have been a win if not for Gonzalez, even though 1 for 6 wasn't great. So for that, I will call it a push between Marcum and Gonzalez.

What Goes Up, Must Come Down

While the Jays continue to play longball, their HR totals are going up and up. Wells, 8, Gonzalez 9, and Buck 7 to name the top three, and Hill hasn't even hit his second yet.

In their new all-or-nothing batting mentality they basically hit a HR or double or strikeout, and as a result, their HR totals keep moving up, and their averages continue to plummet. With the exception of Wells who has hit all year, and Lewis whose average is going up (OK and Travis Snider - I still don't want to jinx it!!!) the Jays have some ugly, ugly averages.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Eveland

I missed an entry of Eveland's last game, of which he gets the POG.

Dana is doing his best to frustrate viewers by pitching like a monster (see first 2 starts and latest start) and then pitch like a everyday Joe throwing up meatballs all game (see every other game).

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