Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jays Split Again

Kevin Gregg Likes Balls (More Than Strikes)

Kevin Gregg, seemingly bored with being the AL saves leader, decided to allow fellow closers to catch up by blowing the fuck out of this save.

Romero is obviously the POG from that game. In line for his fifth win, but Gregg blew that game.

I know Gregg had pitched pretty solid until this, but I mean come on. 25 pitches, 13 of which are balls? 2 walks? Interesting strategy for a closer.

When Trevor Hoffman pitches now he gets hit hard, but at least he's not fucking walking batters. At least then you can say the hitters beat you, but this game, Gregg, you totally lost that one yourself. You cannot tell me that the Mariners beat the Jays tonight. The Jays were winning, Kevin Gregg lost.

The fucking Mariners. When you blow a save to a team that has Mike Sweeney as a clean-up hitter, well, let's just say you are buying the beers for the foreseeable future.

How long does it take me to forget Gregg as the the AL leader in saves?

One game.

Jays 3, Mariners 2

I know this is a game we won, but I'm still not sure who the POG goes to. Cecil was OK, Loverbay went 2 for 4, but had 2 KO. Call it a tie?

Good Luck To Ruiz

AA obviously gets his advice from The View, and even one upped me. Ruiz was released and signed to a Japanese team.

Good luck, Randy.

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