Sunday, May 9, 2010

The View: Weekend Edition

Jays Take Series, Improve to 19-14, V-Dub the Man Once Again

Today's POG is Wells. He had over a quarter of the team's hits, had over a fifth the teams runs and RBIs, and did not strike out once.

Romero had a bad outing, but still managed 7 strikeouts, but a ridiculous 5 walks in 5.2 innings is simply garbage. I mean the 8 hits aren't great either, but 5 walks? A walk an inning? Recipe for trouble.

Freddy Lewis Makes Momma Proud

Fred Lewis has become an offensive rock and defensive bonus surprisingly quietly. His average is hovering around .300 and he is allowing Jays fans to take a big sigh of relief that we will never, ever, see JoBau in the lead off spot.

Falling Out Of First a Good Thing

Bad news everyone, we are no longer first in the MLB...

In strikeouts.

The Arizona D'Backs have taken the lead for strikeouts with 289, edging the Jays out by 7. So with a good game, we can have the lead back tomorrow!

While we are no longer numero uno in the league, we are however first in the AL by 42. Now I'm not saying we should sit back now that we have a solid lead, but that's a pretty good lead.

The Jays this year are striking out at an exponential rate, and tonight was no exception - 11 hits, 11 strikeouts.

Some of you may be that guy that always proclaims "Even if I strike out 9 out of 10 times at the bar, it's the one time I get a girl that I'll be remembered for."

Well... yeah I guess in a kind of sad way that really applies to the 2010 Jays. Yeah they strikeout a shit tonne, but that one time they don't, uh-oh. Home run.

Or at least a double.

Saturday's Recap

Cecil wasn't great, but kept us in the game until Roenicke pulled a Frasor.

Not of a log of greatness, or goodness for that matter, to be said about this game, but Freddy Lewis gets his first POG award for getting on base, and not striking out.

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